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  • Discover how to create state-of-the-art 3D designs and inspiring 3D art. In this track, you can learn how to use the Adobe Substance 3D Collection to build models and sculpt in VR, assemble photorealistic 3D scenes, texture your 3D assets, work from real-life photos to create digital materials, and build your parametric materials. Get inspired and learn new skills from leading 3D artists and Adobe experts in sessions and hands-on labs.

    Who you'll meet

    Graphic designers, 3D artists, creative directors, illustrators, VFX artists, industrial designers, concept artists, new media artists, and other creative pros who want to learn how to create 3D designs and interactive, immersive experiences.

    Featured speakers

    David Mellor
    David Mellor

    Senior Motion Designer, Wieden+Kennedy

    Valeria Gerontopoulos
    Valeria Gerontopoulos

    Product Manager & Technical Artist, 3D & Immersive, Adobe

    Lionel Koretzky
    Lionel Koretzky

    Photographer, Director, Post Industrial Light II

    Paul Trani
    Paul Trani

    Principal Worldwide Evangelist, Adobe

    Featured sessions

    3D Packaging and Branding Design with Substance 3D Stager - L6106(opens in a new window)

    Emily Bisset, 3D Technical Artist, Adobe

    Using 3D to design has many benefits. Join Adobe 3D technical artist Emily Bisset to discover how to use realistic lighting, shadows, and materials to bring your ideas to life in new ways and make the design process more iterative and expressive. Learn the basics of working in 3D as you create your own branding and packaging designs using Substance 3D Stager.

    In this hands-on lab, you’ll learn:

    • How to create a packaging concept in 3D
    • The foundation of working in 3D with materials, lights, and camera
    • How to render pack shots of your design using virtual photography methods
    3D for Designers: Mix Your Favorite Apps with New 3D Tools - S6100(opens in a new window)

    Paul Trani, Principal Worldwide Evangelist , Adobe

    Discover how to create 3D elements with Illustrator and Photoshop and use them with Substance 3D apps that are built for graphic designers. Join Adobe evangelist Paul Trani and learn how to create 3D elements with your favorite design apps and combine them with 3D models, lights, and materials in Substance 3D Stager. You’ll discover new creative possibilities for your designs, get a glimpse into 3D painting and modeling with Substance 3D Painter, and see how to use a new tool for designers who want to model in 3D, Substance 3D Modeler.

    As Paul steps you through his designer-focused approach to 3D, you’ll learn how to:

    • Create outstanding 3D using Illustrator
    • Use materials and 3D renders in Photoshop
    • Create a 3D design using Substance 3D Stager
    • Paint on models and tweak materials using Substance 3D Painter
    • Sculpt models with Substance 3D Modeler
    Create Characters with VR Modeling in Substance 3D Modeler - S6103(opens in a new window)

    David Mellor, Senior Motion Designer, Wieden+Kennedy

    Join David Mellor, senior motion designer at Wieden + Kennedy, to discover how to sculpt a whimsical character using the Substance 3D Modeler hybrid desktop and VR workflow. VR modeling is quickly becoming a popular means to create 3D content, and with Modeler, quick concepting couldn’t be easier. In this session, David will show you quick sculpting techniques that highlight some of the powerful new tools and brushes in Modeler.

    You’ll learn how to:

    • Navigate the VR interface in Modeler
    • Sculpt a character using the new brushes in Modeler
    • Add extra detail and repeat elements using copying and linking
  • Design leaders from the world’s leading brands and agencies will share their expertise in creative innovation, brand reinvention, design leadership, and professional development. Learn new Creative Cloud skills and best practices to spark inspiration for team and business success. Get inspired to grow your creative career by hearing from those who are mastering the craft.

    Who you'll meet

    Leaders and creative professionals across graphic, web, UX, and multidisciplinary design; art and creative directors; video, film, and motion graphics pros; photographers; tech and business strategists; and other creatives or designers who want to build a meaningful career.

    Featured topics

    Creative and design best practices, career and professional development, and thought leadership.

    Featured speakers

    Alain Sylvain
    Alain Sylvain

    Founder and CEO, SYLVAIN

    Shanae' Paulus
    Shanae' Paulus

    Creative Director, Accenture Productions

    Andy Vitale
    Andy Vitale

    Executive Vice President, Design, Rocket Companies

    Lucy Goodyear
    Lucy Goodyear

    CAD Senior Manager, Virtual Fashion and 3D Transformation Specialist, Burberry

    Featured sessions

    Reinventing Your In-House Team in a “Post-Pandemic” World - S6153(opens in a new window)

    Paul Nicholson, SVP Production & Technology at Showtime Networks , Showtime

    Learn how Showtime Networks reinvented their in-house agency workstreams to evolve into a more creative, nimble, and efficient team with a 360-degree agile approach — all while driving a brand refresh in a rapidly changing industry.

    Paul Nicholson, SVP Production & Technology at Showtime, will share:

    • What most companies get wrong about “process”: Do you know what your employees should do every day — and do they?
    • Strategies on self-reflection: How to audit your workstreams and make sure discoveries lead to solutions that double down on what works.
    • Hybrid work/life is different: The new challenge is to create, manage, and deliver content when employees can work from anywhere. Look beyond technology to ensure team success.
    • How to identify and leverage technology solutions: Frame.io, Premiere Pro, MOGRTs, and more can solve content velocity pressure.
    Principles, Process & People: Chipotle's Digital Design System - S6154(opens in a new window)

    Bobby Nemati, Director, Digital Product Design, Chipotle

    Ensuring quality and efficiency and that the experiences we create meet user expectations and development requirements can be challenging when working with multiple stakeholders in a large, fast paced, and continuously growing organization. Join Bobby Nemati, director of digital product design at Chipotle, as he shares how establishing a design vision, principles, and process can foster an environment for compelling cross-functional collaboration across your organization and create award-winning experiences.

    You’ll learn about:

    • Our design principles and how we use them in our daily work
    • Implementing a process that aligns with your agile development lifecycle
    • The importance of defining key collaboration milestones
    • How we use Adobe products and plugins to facilitate collaboration, validate ideas, and ensure quality from the early stages of our process to delivery.
    • Maturing your design team and practice to support a growing business
    Elevating a Luxury Heritage Brand Through Substance 3D - S6156(opens in a new window)

    Matthew Mifsud, Senior Solutions Consultant, Adobe

    Hear industry experts explain how Burberry, a luxury British heritage brand, transformed their workflows through the introduction of 3D. You’ll learn how by adapting traditional ways of working and reimagining them in 3D, Burberry was able to unlock better ways of creating assets and effectively communicating the brand’s vison to stakeholders.

    In this session, you’ll explore:

    • How a company can start working in 3D and engage stakeholders to adopt 3D workflows
    • How Burberry used 3D to sell their collections remotely during the global pandemic
    • How to create realistic details such as embroidery in Substance 3D Sampler and Painter
    • Using Substance 3D Stager to bring 3D garments to life

    This session will not be available on demand.

  • Take bold new strokes for drawing and painting — from fine art to anime, watercolors to photo collage, and logos to illustrations. Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn from creative experts or an experienced professional looking to discover new specialties, join this track for ideas, inspiration, and skill building from leading digital artists and designers who’ll share their insights, secrets, and processes.

    Who you'll meet

    Creative experts who draw, paint, and illustrate, such as professional illustrators, digital artists, 3D designers, graphic artists, creative directors, and art directors. Also students and others new to digital illustration and painting.

    Featured speakers

    Chris Campe
    Chris Campe

    Designer and Writer, All Things Letters

    Mr Bingo
    Mr Bingo

    Artist, Illustrator, Speaker

    Spencer Nugent
    Spencer Nugent

    Illustrator and Founder, Sketch A Day

    Kyle T. Webster
    Kyle T. Webster

    Senior Design Evangelist, Adobe

    Featured sessions

    Drawing Everyday Objects with Adobe Fresco - L6205(opens in a new window)

    Spencer Nugent, Illustrator and Founder, Sketch A Day

    Learn how to capture objects and bring them to life with perspective using Adobe Fresco. Join Spencer Nugent, trainer and veteran product designer, as he shows how to simplify visual complexity and build strategies that make drawing much less intimidating and more intuitive, even for a beginner. Have some chill fun and grow your drawing skills through digital sketching with Fresco.

    In this hands-on lab you’ll learn how to:

    • Develop an efficient 2D to 3D drawing workflow
    • Draw in perspective and use powerful perspective grids and perspective grid capture in Fresco
    • Choose the right brushes for the right job
    • Work efficiently with layers, including reference layers
    Experimenting with Letters: How to Vary Letterforms with Fresco - S6200(opens in a new window)

    Chris Campe, Designer and Writer, All Things Letters

    Discover how to playfully experiment with established letterforms and create variations that express your own unique style and personality. Chris Campe, designer, author, and founder of the All Things Letters studio in Hamburg, Germany, will share how she uses analog and digital drawing tools, including Adobe Fresco, to alter letterforms in unexpected ways.

    Join Chris in this inspiring session to learn:

    • The key parameters for altering letterforms
    • How to generate ideas for interesting letterform variations
    • How to use analog and digital drawing tools in unexpected ways
    Discover the Newest Drawing Features in Adobe Fresco - S6201(opens in a new window)

    Kyle T. Webster, Senior Design Evangelist, Adobe

    Join Kyle T. Webster, Adobe senior design evangelist and official brush wizard, for an exploration of the newest Adobe Fresco features, including transformation modes, new animation features, time-savers like reference layers and the Magic Wand tool, and much more. You’re sure to walk away with a better understanding of how to use Fresco in your own drawing, painting, and illustration work.

    As Kyle guides you through the newest features, you’ll learn how to:

    • Automatically create perspective grids from an imported image, layer, or your entire document with perspective grid capture
    • Transform and add effects to your Fresco artwork with the Liquify tool
    • Make quick selections based on color with the Magic Wand tool
    • Control fade-in and fade-out effects easily with control opacity for motion frames
    • Transform and move motion paths and frames
  • Students need opportunities to develop the essential creative and digital literacy skills that open doors to a brighter future. Whether you’re leading a creative curriculum or want to use creativity to enhance your classroom, join this track to hear from leading educators and experts who cultivate these skills and engage students as digital creators. They’ll share insights on how they prepare the next generation to thrive in a changing world.

    Who you'll meet

    Educators working across disciplines in formal education and beyond; curriculum, professional development, and technology leads; researchers; school and university leaders; and students.

    Featured speakers

    Rebecca Hare
    Rebecca Hare

    Education Community Program Manager, Adobe

    Lisa Gottfried, M. Ed.
    Lisa Gottfried, M. Ed.

    Digital Design Educator, New Technology High School

    Lindsey Vance
    Lindsey Vance

    Manager Arts Innovation, District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS)

    Zoya Bylinskii
    Zoya Bylinskii

    Ph D. Research Scientist, Adobe Creative Intelligence Lab

    Featured sessions

    New Directions in Readability and Accessibility - S200(opens in a new window)

    Zoya Bylinskii , Ph D. Research Scientist, Adobe Creative Intelligence Lab

    Everyone has different eyes and a different brain. And now designers have the ability to tailor consumption experiences for those differences. In our session on inclusive design and accessibility, join Zoya Bylinskii, Research Scientist in the Creative Intelligence Lab at Adobe, as she shares the latest research and features around reading and design.

    You’ll learn about:

    • The latest findings from our Readability Research team on how personalized reading settings for individuals improve reading outcomes
    • New tools soon to be available in Acrobat and Reader for dyslexic readers
    • The latest research into tooling for making sure your designs accommodate color-blind audiences
    • New tools for making PDFs more accessible
    Creativity as Fuel for Student Centered Learning and Wellbeing - S204(opens in a new window)

    Lindsey Vance, Manager Arts Innovation, District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS)

    Join art therapist and DC Public Schools arts innovation manager Lindsey D. Vance and Adobe Education Evangelist Wezi Thindwa in a creative conversation leading educators to wholeness through their own artistic practice. Predictable stressors compounded by those related to a global pandemic and mounting socio-political tensions challenge our humanity. Listen as we explore the ways teachers and students can rise to spark collective well-being for the future.

    In this session, you’ll:

    • Discover ways to cultivate compassionate and learner-centered classrooms through personal self-reflection, technology and creativity
    • Find out how to ignite social emotional attunement and trauma-responsive practices in order to holistically empower student learners
    • Identify clear ways that creativity fuels social emotional learning and uplifts educator and student voices to foster a healing environment in your classroom
    More Than a Slideshow: Using Digital Artifacts in Your Class - S205(opens in a new window)

    Jennifer Haller, M. Ed., Instructional Technology Coach, Hamilton County Educational Service Center, serving Winton Woods High School

    Meet two K–12 educators who use digital creative tools with their students to allow for student voice and choice. Learn how they go beyond traditional assessment models, test taking, and wordy slide presentations to get to the core of what students know.

    In this session, you’ll:

    • Learn how to use digital artifacts to showcase student work, assess skill development over time, provide a platform for reflection and creativity, and set students up for career opportunities
    • Understand the value of digital storytelling in supporting multimodal learners and empowering creative expression
    • Hear practical tips for using Adobe Express with students to build videos, posters, and web pages as part of a project-based learning approach
  • If you can dream it, you can design it. Whether you’re an established designer looking to discover new techniques or getting started and trying to learn lasting skills, this track covers everything from digital, web, and print graphics to logos, icons, photo manipulation, compositing, 3D, publication, and data visualization. Hear from graphic design thought leaders and changemakers to inspire you, shift the way you approach design, and give you the tools to create anything you can imagine.

    Who you'll meet

    Graphic designers, artists, marketers, and design students who create across multiple design disciplines, including digital, web, print, 3D, publication, digital marketing, social media marketing, brand identity, data visualization, and more.

    Featured speakers

    Bart Van de Wiele
    Bart Van de Wiele

    Solutions Consultant Manager, Adobe

    Aaron Draplin
    Aaron Draplin

    Founder, Draplin Design Co.

    Anna McNaught
    Anna McNaught

    Artist, Digital/Photoshop Artist, Photographer, Designer and Full-time Traveler

    Anne-Marie Concepción
    Anne-Marie Concepción

    Owner, Seneca Design & Training

    Featured sessions

    Discover the Golden Secrets of Lettering - S6303(opens in a new window)

    Martina Flor, Lettering Artist, Educator, Studio Martina Flor

    Fast-track your way into lettering with award-winning lettering artist, author, and educator Martina Flor as she unveils the secrets behind her craft. Martina will walk you through the process of creating a lettering piece, from hand sketch to final digital artwork in Illustrator. You’ll see her perform a live demo and walk away with both the inspiration and the tools to give it a go yourself.

    In this session, you’ll gain:

    • Simple foundations that will change the way you look at letterforms
    • Techniques for sketching lettering even if you think you can’t draw
    • Insights on how to draw letters in vectors and get the perfect curve
    • Tons of inspiration and guidance to help you get started
    Pro Photoshop Tips & Techniques to Elevate Your Design Style - S6309(opens in a new window)

    Paul Trani, Principal Worldwide Evangelist , Adobe

    Want to elevate your designs and give them a polish that only the pros seem to achieve? Join Adobe Principal Evangelist Paul Trani and discover how to boost your Photoshop skills and punch up your style in new ways with entirely new looks. Paul will also introduce essential design fundamentals and productivity tips used by the pros so you can create stunning custom content faster than ever.

    In this session, you’ll discover:

    • Timesaving Photoshop tips and tricks to maximize your productivity
    • One-of-a-kind features that can make sophisticated edits and complex designs instantly
    • How to match lightning, perspective, and texture techniques seamlessly across images
    • Overall color adjustments to give images a fresh look
    • How to enhance type when integrating with photos
    • Even more newly released features
    Become a Self-Taught Illustrator: Design Concepts & Tools - S309(opens in a new window)

    Natasha Polozenko, Illustrator, Educator, and Designer

    Are you curious about learning how to draw and design with Illustrator but don’t know where to start? Join Natasha Polozenko, a self-taught illustrator and educator, as she deconstructs the core tools in Illustrator into easy-to-understand concepts and shares her advice on creating and cultivating a personal illustration practice and style. You’ll come away with new illustration skills as you begin your creative journey. Natasha is out to prove that you don’t need formal art training to make it as an illustrator!

    In this inspiring session, you’ll learn:

    • Simple design concepts and tools to get familiar and confident with Illustrator
    • Actionable steps to help you begin your personal illustration journey
    • Ways to improve and refine your illustration skills to find your unique style
  • Spark your passion for photography with sessions that will help you build your photography skills and create stunning photos with your smartphone or mirrorless camera. See how you can easily shoot, edit, and share your photos from anywhere and effortlessly move your images, along with your edits, between your mobile devices and desktop. Gain ideas, inspiration, and hands-on practice with leading photographers and Adobe experts in sessions, hands-on labs, and experiential workshops.

    Who you'll meet

    Anyone interested in photography and improving photos for professional or personal use.

    Featured speakers

    Victor Cheng
    Victor Cheng

    Photographer, Creative, Content Creator, @veeceecheng

    Tomás Karmelo Amaya
    Tomás Karmelo Amaya

    Creative Director, Film Director, Writer, and Visual Artist, Kanion

    Bea Lubas
    Bea Lubas

    Photographer, Award Winning Food Photographer

    Summer Murdock
    Summer Murdock

    Photographer, Commercial Photographer and Photography Educator

    Featured sessions

    Editing Beautiful Nature and Landscape Photos in Lightroom - S6401(opens in a new window)

    Nicole Young, Author and Educator, Professional Photographer and Author

    Join professional photographer and author Nicole S. Young as she demonstrates the world of nature and landscape photography in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. You’ll gain valuable insight into how to use Photoshop Lightroom to edit your photos, whether a lush forest, a giant waterfall, or a close-up of a tiny insect, to make them look their best.

    In this session, you’ll learn:

    • The gear that Nicole uses for her landscape and nature photographs
    • Tips on how to create beautiful macro images
    • How to sync images in order to access them on your phone or tablet
    • Editing tips and techniques using Lightroom
    How to Use Presets to Bring Your Photography to Life - S6402(opens in a new window)

    Summer Murdock, Photographer, Commercial Photographer and Photography Educator

    Join photographer Summer Murdock to learn how to use presets as a source of inspiration when editing your images in Photoshop Lightroom. You’ll learn exactly what presets are and how to quickly apply a great look to your photos with a single click. Explore how to create the look you want by applying a preset and then fine-tuning the edits on the image. You’ll leave with a better understanding of how presets can help you save time and empower you to achieve your unique creative vision.

    In this session, you’ll discover:

    • Where you can find ready-made, powerful presets to suit every style of photography
    • How to apply presets and refine the edit with the amount slider and further tweaks
    • How to create and save your own presets for easy use later
    Edit Photos and Videos Together in Your Lightroom Workflow - S6403(opens in a new window)

    Benjamin Warde, Lightroom Ecosystem Product Manager, Adobe

    Join Lightroom Product Manager Benjamin Warde and learn how to incorporate video into your Photoshop Lightroom workflow. Find out exactly what Lightroom video capabilities can do for you and how to achieve a consistent aesthetic across your photos and videos. Note that this class uses Lightroom, not Lightroom Classic.

    You’ll learn how to:

    • Trim the heads or tails off your video to highlight just the part of the video that’s important
    • Achieve a matching look and aesthetic across your photos and videos
    • Master batch workflows to quickly edit many photos and videos at once
    • Streamline your workflow with edit presets for both photos and videos
  • Leverage the power of social media and digital marketing to establish your brand, grow your business, and build a following. You’ll learn how to make high-quality content quickly, how to get the most out of each post on every social platform, and how to stand out when marketing your business across channels. Hear firsthand how other small-business owners and freelancers have found success on social media and other digital channels, and explore marketing strategies that can help you achieve your goals.

    Who you'll meet

    Anyone who wants to make great social media content — whether they’re working solo on their own brand or business, creating content as part of a team, or want to build a community around a shared passion.

    Featured speakers

    Charmaine Jennings
    Charmaine Jennings

    Founder and Digital Marketing Strategist, Strategic Charm Boutique

    Chloe McConnell
    Chloe McConnell

    Adobe Express Group Product Manager, Adobe

    Andy Lambert
    Andy Lambert

    Senior Product Marketing Manager, Adobe Express, Adobe

    Courtney Quinn
    Courtney Quinn

    Founder and Creative Director, Color Me Courtney

    Featured sessions

    Build Your Content Strategy with Adobe Express - L6457(opens in a new window)

    Andy Lambert, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Adobe Express, Adobe

    Create an effective content strategy that will help you achieve your business goals. Join this hands-on lab with Mallory Shoemaker, Adobe Express Content Strategist, and Andy Lambert, author of Social 3.0, co-founder of ContentCal, and Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Adobe, and learn how to tailor a winning content strategy for your audience, brand, and industry.

    In this lab, you’ll learn:

    • Where social media fits into a marketing strategy
    • The 6C content strategy framework
    • How to target your ideal audience
    • Which channels to use
    • Tools to help you bring your strategy to life
    Increasing Productivity and Collaboration with Adobe Express - S6450(opens in a new window)

    Chloe McConnell, Adobe Express Group Product Manager, Adobe

    Learn how Adobe Express empowers freelancers, small business owners, and social media marketers to work more collaboratively with teams and increase productivity to deliver faster results for clients. Join Charmaine Jennings, owner of Strategic Charm Boutique — a digital marketing agency that helps businesses share their brand story and build online communities — and Adobe Express expert Chloe McConnell to discover how to:

    • Scale and amplify branded content
    • Empower your clients to create on-brand
    • Leverage workflows across Creative Cloud, from Photoshop to Illustrator to Adobe Express
    • Increase collaboration and streamline feedback with teams or clients
    Leveraging Social Media to Build a Six-Figure Business - S6454(opens in a new window)

    Sharon Tseung, Content Creator and Real Estate Investor, Digital Nomad Quest

    Get paid to make the content you love. Join Sharon Tseung, content creator and real estate investor, as she demonstrates how you can build a six-figure business while making a valuable impact in your community.

    In this session, you’ll discover how to:

    • Make money through ad revenue, affiliate marketing, sponsorships, product sales, memberships, coaching, and more
    • Create valuable content that solves problems while generating revenue
    • Repurpose revenue-driving content across multiple platforms
  • Digital is the new default, and everything happens on a screen. Whether you’re completely new to UI/UX design or an experienced designer looking to grow your skills, these sessions and labs will cover everything from getting started with Adobe XD to advanced prototyping techniques. Learn about designing websites, apps, and other digital experiences with XD and how to use XD alongside other Creative Cloud apps like Photoshop and Illustrator.

    Who you'll meet

    UX and UI designers, mobile app designers, web designers, interaction designers, creative directors, product designers, and design students.

    Featured speakers

    Samantha Warren
    Samantha Warren

    Design Director, Adobe

    Chris Converse
    Chris Converse

    Partner, Designer & Developer, Codify Design Studio

    Howard Pinsky
    Howard Pinsky

    Senior XD Evangelist, Adobe

    Daniel Scott
    Daniel Scott

    Designer - Teacher www.byol.com, Bring Your Own Laptop LTD

    Featured sessions

    Jumping into UI and UX with Adobe XD and Creative Cloud - L6505(opens in a new window)

    Daniel Scott, Designer - Teacher www.byol.com, Bring Your Own Laptop LTD

    Are you excited to get into the world of UI/UX but don’t know where to start? Discover how to take your files from Photoshop or Illustrator to Adobe XD and add interactivity to your designs.

    Join educator Daniel Walter Scott for this hands-on lab where you’ll learn:

    • How to create a real-world website interface and mobile app
    • How to interpret a design brief and create wireframes
    • How to add Photoshop and Illustrator elements to your interactive designs
    • Productivity tips and secret tricks in XD to speed up repetitive tasks
    Advanced Layout and Prototyping Techniques in Adobe XD - L6507(opens in a new window)

    Chris Converse, Partner, Designer & Developer, Codify Design Studio

    Adobe XD offers many industry-leading prototype and layout features, but did you know that you can combine these features? Discover how to create advanced user interactions within layouts to bring your UX design work to the next level. In this hands-on lab, designer and developer Chris Converse shows how to leverage unique features in XD to create fully interactive prototypes. Get hands-on with Repeat Grid, Component States, Stacks, Scroll Groups, video, external data, Lottie files, and a range of event triggers to orchestrate a fully interactive experience of your design.

    You’ll learn how to:

    • Create complex interactions by combining features
    • Create reusable assets
    • Work more efficiently with Repeat Grid
    • Create and update Component States
    • Design for any screen with Content-Aware Layout
    • Work with video and Lottie files
    • Share prototypes with clients, colleagues, and developers
    Designing Creative Collaboration in a Remote Workplace - S6503(opens in a new window)

    Samantha Warren, Design Director, Adobe

    Creative collaboration is at the heart of design, but how do designers move from in-person to virtual creative work? Learn how Samantha Warren, Design Director at Adobe and self-proclaimed people person, has been navigating this new, screen-mediated reality with her team, while they design the software and tools to enable virtual, collaborative creative work. In this session, Samantha will be joined by Bria Alexander, a Senior Design Program Manager at Adobe, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) consultant, and an international speaker, facilitator, and interviewer.

    In this session, Samantha will discuss with Bria:

    • Her struggles with switching to a world of remote/hybrid work
    • How she and her team have built a virtual studio to design exciting new tools
    • The role her team plays in being “user zero” for the Adobe products they design
    • The evolution of her design leadership style
  • Develop the skills you need to put your creativity in motion. Learn how to edit your first video, transform static graphics into motion, create an animated explainer video, and apply visual effects to a marketing video. You’ll even learn how to work together and collaborate more effectively with clients and colleagues with new cloud-enabled technologies such as Frame.io.

    Who you'll meet

    Editors, motion graphics designers, post-production professionals, educators, photographers and designers, and other creative pros who want to learn how to design for motion or work with video.

    Featured speakers

    Valentina Vee
    Valentina Vee

    Director, Director and Video Trainer

    Ian Robinson
    Ian Robinson

    Creative Director and Motion Graphics Trainer, Creative 111

    Hallease Narvaez
    Hallease Narvaez

    Executive Producer / Creative Director, Digital Storyteller and Producer

    Luisa Winters
    Luisa Winters

    Adobe Certified Instructor, Mid-Atlantic Drones, LLC

    Featured sessions

    After Effects for Social Media: Transforming Static Design - S6601(opens in a new window)

    Ian Robinson, Creative Director and Motion Graphics Trainer, Creative 111

    Join Ian Robinson as he shows you how to use After Effects to transform your static design projects into social media posts for TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. Use Photoshop and Illustrator files for animation and speed up your workflow with reusable, editable graphics. Create your own style with custom text animations, colors, and more.

    In this session, we’ll cover:

    • Importing layered Photoshop and Illustrator files for animation
    • Making more eye-catching and engaging posts with motion
    • Creating templates to stay organized and work faster
    • How to be more collaborative with Frame.io for Creative Cloud

    Note: if you attend the Building Your Brand on Social Media with After Effects hands-on lab, you do not need to attend this session as it will cover the same concepts.

    Editing Videos for Social Media Faster Using Premiere Pro - S6604(opens in a new window)

    Valentina Vee, Director, Director and Video Trainer

    Join director Valentina Vee as she shares her best tips for making edits in Premiere Pro faster so you can get more views on your content, no matter which social media platform you’re using. Streamline your Premiere Pro workflows and never be lost in your edits again.

    You’ll learn:

    • The best shortcuts to cut down your editing time
    • Automated processes like auto-reframe, auto-color, and auto-ducking
    • How to remix music to your desired length
    • How to use and customize motion graphics templates across your content
    Premiere Pro for Social Media - S6612(opens in a new window)

    Hallease Narvaez, Executive Producer / Creative Director, Digital Storyteller and Producer

    Social media has become a necessity for every creative regardless of focus. Join digital storyteller and former Adobe Creative Resident Hallease Narvaez to learn how to squeeze as much content as you can out of everything you capture by utilizing different features in Premiere Pro. You’ll follow along as she takes a longer form piece of content and breaks it into standalone snippets for social. Hallease will cover tools like Auto Reframe and Remix for quick exports and music edits, teach you how to create captions for “sound off” videos, and share her tips to make everything pop using prebuilt graphics in the Essential Graphics panel.

    In this session, you’ll learn how to use Premiere Pro to:

    • Maximize your content across social platforms
    • Auto-reframe sequences for different dimensions
    • Easily remix music to any length
    • Build closed captions
    • Create unique graphics quickly using Motion Graphics templates
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Adobe MAX requires an Adobe ID account. Please register with your existing Creative Cloud account. If you do not have one, you will be able to create a free account on the next screen.

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