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Adobe MAX — The Creativity Conference
A free virtual event Oct 26–28

A MAX Journey for Students

Be inspired, together • MAX is all virtual and totally free. Invite your whole class to join you for the world’s best celebration of creativity.

Boost your creative skillset • Get the tools and techniques you need to succeed.

Connect, share, and learn • Hear from more than 400 top creatives and professionals – all in one place.

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Schedule sessions in Graphic Design, Video, Photography, Social Media and more.

Students looking to succeed in both the classroom and the workplace will find what they need at MAX. Whether you want to see the latest product updates, learn a new skill, or hone the ones you have, MAX has 400+ sessions and labs for you to choose from, and watch on any device.

on the set of a video shoot with models in the background and two crewpersons in the foreground

Learn how to become an Adobe Certified Professional.

Prove your Adobe Creative Cloud knowledge and skills to employers, clients, and collaborators with certification. Validate the must-have skills and knowledge for digital media careers.

Certifications are available for Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Animate, and Dreamweaver.

MAX Spotlight Stories

picture-in-picture showing a hand with an effect meant to simulate a VHS video

Free Photoshop Action: VHS Effect

Give your digital images a retro ‘80s analog look.

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Abstract custom ‘ampersand’ symbol.

Free Letterform Design Template

Illustrator and graphic designer Daniel Castrillon shares his fanciful design for custom lettering.

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Model stands against black background with a glitch trail off to the right; photo inset shows photo without glitch effect.

Free glitch portrait template

Go analog with these retro filters from Luis Reyes.

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a poster for Soundwave Festival, the type for Soundwave is curved like a soundwave

How to Deconstruct Type in Adobe Illustrator

Slice, dice, and duplicate text to create trendy typography.

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The word ‘avant’ in 3 variations of the Avant Garde font. The first “a” is highlighted to show four available characters.

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Adobe Fonts

Get insider tips for adding great typography to your projects.

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Purple and pink illustration of a smiling man in streetwear spray-painting a wall with the words “SPREAD GOOD.”

George F. Baker Has a Message For You

The Atlanta-based illustrator and muralist makes art to start conversations.

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a box for ice cream with a melting pistachio ice cream bar on top

Get Inspired: Packaging

The most original and exciting example of packaging design, and tips from designers for making a product stand out.

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a man sits in a large open meadow playing a keyboard

Pocket Films

Up-and-coming filmmakers explore the meaning of “progress” with a smartphone and Adobe Premiere Pro.

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abstract image of clouds, rainbow, open doors, and ladders

Join the Adobe Student Community on Discord.

Stop by the Adobe Creative Career Discord server during MAX to connect with fellow students and experience the conference together, get exclusive access to industry leaders and mentors, and unlock special bonus opportunities just for those launching their careers.

MAX registration.

Adobe MAX requires an Adobe ID account. Please register with your existing Creative Cloud account. If you do not have one, you will be able to create a free account on the next screen.

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