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Innovation and Inspiration

  • Join us for the latest product announcements and be the first to see the new features across Photoshop, Illustrator, and more. Hear from Adobe leaders and top creatives including Annie Atkins.

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    Featured speakers

    • Ashley Still

      SVP & GM, Creative Product Group, Adobe

    • Deepa Subramaniam

      VP, Product Marketing, Adobe

    • Simon Morris

      VP Marketing, International, Adobe

    • Annie Atkins

      Graphic Designer for Film,


  • Learn the real power of Photoshop and take your imaging workflows to a whole new level. In this session with MAX wizard Tony Harmer, find out how to utilise new and existing features that will accelerate your editing and creative work.

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    Featured speaker

    • Tony Harmer

      Illustrator, Designer, Author, Adobe Community Expert, Design Ninja TV

  • Join Bart Van de Wiele, Adobe's head of solutions consulting and tech evangelism, to explore techniques for maximizing synergy among Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Learn to save time, streamline workflows, and produce impressive content. Discover seamless round-tripping with native file formats to accelerate production.

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    Featured speaker

    • Bart Van de Wiele

      Head of Solution Consulting, Adobe

  • Join Sr. Creative Cloud Evangelist Kladi Vergine as she takes you on a tour of the Adobe Firefly GenAI features available in your most-loved Creative Cloud apps. Speed up your content creation by integrating the superpower of artificial intelligence tools into your workflow.

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    Featured speaker

    • Kladi Vergine

      Sr. Design Evangelist, Adobe

  • Build a standout brand on social media with Adobe Express Evangelist Lucy Street. Learn to craft compelling content that resonates with your audience strategically and aesthetically. Discover Lucy's secrets to viral posts and growing a 200k-strong community. Explore the pros and cons of going viral.

    Learn moreabout Timesaving Techniques for Thumb-Stopping Social Content (opens in a new window)

    Featured speaker

    • Lucy Street

      Adobe Express Evangelist, Adobe

  • Join Perry Nightingale, SVP for Creative AI at WPP, as he discusses how cutting-edge robotics and generative AI are revolutionizing collaboration in one of the world's largest creative companies. Perry will be accompanied by Spot, WPP’s Boston Dynamics robot dog, to explore the pivotal role of LiDAR and virtual production in modern filmmaking.

    Learn moreabout Dancing Robots and Generative AI: The Future of Creativity (opens in a new window)

    Featured speaker

    • Perry Nightingale

      SVP Creative AI, WPP

  • Crafting beautiful artwork or crafting impactful communication can be an immensely enjoyable process. Yet managing assets, keeping track of tasks, and meeting deadlines can sometimes turn it into a daunting chore. For artists and designers, efficient data management and seamless access to digital assets, references, and inspirations are crucial.

    Learn moreabout Working with Your Digital Assets Ecosystem to Share Your Brand (opens in a new window)

    Featured speaker

    • Andreas Michalski

      CEO and Founder, CI HUB GmbH

  • Learn how teamwork fuels creativity in business and discover new ways to help your team collaborate with ease, both with creatives and with colleagues in other departments. Discover how Adobe’s creativity platform can help you build a team that thrives in shared spaces and see some real world examples of how generative AI and Adobe Express can support your best creative content yet.

    Learn moreabout Team Workflows for Peak Creativity (opens in a new window)

    Featured speakers

    • Iona Walters

      Firefly Generative AI and Creative Transformation, Adobe Creative Cloud Enterprise

    • James Thomas

      Global CTO, Dentsu Creative, Dentsu

Inspiration Keynote

  • Tune into the MAX Creativity Super Session — jam packed with creatives presenting their top tips and workflows using the latest technology. Take a deep dive with top creatives who use Adobe tools every day.

    Learn moreabout Passion, Permission, and the Art of Creativity (opens in a new window)

    Featured speakers

    • Louis Theroux

      Documentary Presenter

    • Margot Bowman

      Filmmaker and Photographer

    • Yinka Ilori

      Multi-disciplinary Artist and Designer, Yinka Ilori LTD

Creative Park

    • Build meaningful relationships.

      Creativity thrives in a community, and Adobe MAX is where you’ll find your people. Meet fellow creatives and industry professionals at the Creative Park. The Networking Reception is the perfect setting to exchange ideas, share experiences, and potentially collaborate on future projects.

    • Get the Adobe Experience.

      Meet with experts for live demonstrations of the latest Adobe innovations and discuss strategies for success. Explore trends and dive into the immersive world of creativity.

    • Meet MAX sponsors.

      Visit their booths and explore all the new products and services from our wonderful sponsors and partners — see how they can help your creative work life.

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